Private Cloud Architecture

This environment is suitable for businesses that have industry or internal regulations regarding the safety and security of client data. While every company has a fiduciary responsibility to safeguard it’s data, companies in the finance, insurance and health care industries have a higher level of compliance and governance around those safeguards.
chain-and-lockA private cloud is your very own dedicated environment where all of the line-of-business applications and data are installed, used and safeguarded in a very similar way that your current architecture works. When you don’t share resources, there is a clear scope for security policies and procedures.
Private cloud offers the most number of options for security and accountability because you have management access to the back-end.

Hybrid Cloud Architecture

Smaller and disjoined organizations can heavily leverage the cost savings of public cloud environments. A public cloud is a service which more than one company users at the same time.

open-doorTypically a public cloud environment could be a web site you use for your contact relationship management, enterprise resource planning or finance reference services. Tagged also as ‘Multitenant’, public clouds are built in such a way so there is a single array of server resources put together to provide a single type of service. In contrast to private cloud architecture, the public cloud offers fewer options for accountability in regulated industries.

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